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10 Real Stay at Home Businesses

10 real stay at home businesses

Back in the day there weren’t that many real stay at home businesses, but along came the internet and changed our lives forever.  Unfortunately most people are still living in the old world and can’t even picture taking the jump to a stay at home business or a work from anywhere job.  There are endless possibilities out there, but I’m going to bring you a solid 10 real stay at home businesses in the hopes that one of them tickles your fancy!

10 Real Stay at Home Businesses that can bring you the freedom you desire.

One of the things I encourage the most is to look outside of your comfort zone.  Most people are happy to find a regular job, but in no time they are not happy with the regular work grind. And really, who would be?  Long hours, commute times, traffic, Mondays, grumpy bosses who micro-manage, low pay and high stress.  I’m sure everyone has found themselves counting the minutes to leave their job or hitting snooze in the morning when it’s time to get up.  Besides trying to stay motivated with a regular job so you can go work hard to make someone else rich, wouldn’t it be better to create your own work environment?  Now I understand this isn’t for everyone.  But the truth is no one ever became wealthy, free or happy without taking some risks.  And actually if you plan out your transition well, you don’t need to risk much at all!

Picture this…you wake up when your body tells you to wake up, you go to sleep when you are tired, you take a nap whenever you feel like, you make it to all of your children’s plays and events, you travel freely whenever you want and you decide to work as many or as few hours as you want.  It may seem like a dream, but it is completely obtainable.

So let’s start looking at some options to make that dream come true!

10 Real Stay at Home Businesses:

  1.  Online Teacher

What are you good at?  There are tons of things that people want to learn and the internet gives them the chance to do it from their own home.  There are two ways at going about this.  First, you could create a website that offers classes that you want to teach.  There is a lot more involved with this method as you will need to build a website and market it from the ground up.  Then you need to decide if you will create videos to teach or do it by online presentation.  You will need a merchant account to collect class fees and you will need a member area so your students can log in and access their classes.

The more simpler route is Udemy. is a website that offers teachers a solution to market their classes all in one place.  They already have 10 million students, so you will automatically get the exposure you need to make money teaching.  Their motto is “Teach the World Online.  Share your knowledge.”  This is by far the easiest way to make money teaching online and you will have access to students World Wide.

Udemy offers a huge range of courses such as Business, Office Productivity, Design, Personal Development, Photography, Lifestyle, Health and Fitness, Music, Languages and more.  To learn how to be an online teacher, visit their website by clicking the linked graphic below. Home page 728x90

Another good online teaching program is Teachable. gives you all the tools to create and sell a beautiful online course.  They currently have 5 million students learning, 20,000 active courses, 10,000 instructions and instructors have earned over $50,000,000.  You would basically be providing a great learning experience for anyone in the world.  I’ve personally taken a Teachable course and it was laid out very well, was easy to navigate and I got a lot out of it.

2.  Self Published Author

E-books are a way of the present and the future.  Although many people still like the feel of a book in their hands, millions are turning to e-books.  In 2014 it was estimated that Amazon was earning between $265 million to $530 million a year from e-books alone.  Now two years later the numbers must be staggering.  The truth is that any author can self publish and become a millionaire if people like what he has to offer.  And even if you don’t write the next best seller, you can still write books that will give you a good return to live a decent life.  It helps to be a little tech savvy as there is formatting that needs to meet Amazon’s standards to upload your books.  If you aren’t a tech person, you can always hire a freelance techie or virtual assistant to help you get your books online.

3.  Graphic Designer

If you already have great skills to be a graphic artist, then great!  If you don’t but would like to, this can be a very fun business to own and work from anywhere in the world.  Every single business that is online, which is most everyone, needs graphics that represent their brand.  First you must learn how to design.  Do you have $100,000 and four years to go to design school?  Well most people don’t.  If you are disciplined enough to learn on your own, there are lots of ways to do that.

First, learn the basics of drawing.  There are tons of books on how to draw that you could learn from.  Next learn the basic graphic design theory.  You can Google that and there is lots of information out there on typography, color and designing with a grid.  Next, you need to invest in the software that is needed to design and you need to learn how to use it.  There are lots of software out there, but the most popular for home graphic designers is Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Once you purchase these programs, you can learn for free from YouTube.  Lastly, find your specialty and your niche.  What kind of industry would you like to design for, this could be based on your hobbies or passions.  If you work in an industry that you are passionate about, it will not feel like work, so spend a good amount of time figuring this part out!

How much work can you get as a graphic designer?  Well think about all these things that need to be created by a graphic designer: Billboards, Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures, Signs, Car Wraps, Web Sites, Social Media Graphics, Postcards, Menu’s, Magazines, Advertisements, Product Labels, Stationary, Book Covers, Catalogs, Calendars, Product Packaging and the list goes on.  There is so much opportunity in this field!

4.  Bookkeeper

Now obviously this isn’t a great business for everyone!  You have to enjoy math!  There are a lot of services that you could offer, such as business plans, payroll, tax services and general bookkeeping with software such as Quickbooks.  So if you have the skills to do this type of work you can easily find business by giving your brochure of services to local businesses.  All small businesses need a bookkeeper unless they are doing it themselves and most don’t like to do it themselves.  How many small business are within 10 miles of you?  Depending where you live it could be 100’s.  Check your local Chamber of Commerce for a list of businesses in your area, or even check Yelp!  This made my list of 10 Real Stay at Home Businesses because there is a real need for bookkeepers everywhere around the world.  So go get em!

5.  Tech Support Specialist

This type of business can be as big as you want or as small as you want.  Obviously if you are considering this type of business you must have tech knowledge and experience.  You can offer as little or lot when it comes to your services.  If you have a disability that prevents you from going to see clients or you just like to stay home, why not start your own Help Desk for local businesses.  If you work with people over the phone or online you could help people around the world by giving them support through email, telephone or remote connection.

Just keep in mind, that once businesses learn your capabilities, especially local ones, they will try to hire you to come out to their business or to work for them directly.  If you are okay with offering on site tech support then great!  If not, make it very clear on your website or marketing materials that you are a phone or online Help Desk only.  Just like with bookkeeping, you can research local businesses through your local Chamber of Commerce or the digital way through Yelp.

6.  Web Development

This business is not for the faint of heart!  The nice thing about doing web development is you can work from anywhere in the world that you can obtain an internet connection.  The best advice I can give is to find your niche.  If you try to design for any and all industries you will drive yourself crazy.  Once you figure out what industries you want to work for, you can become an expert in that industry and business will eventually come to you.  If you spread yourself too thin and go outside of your niche, you will find it hard to grow your business.

Let’s say you enjoy Real Estate and you have some knowledge in that industry.  Sharpen up on your design skills for that industry, design a few really amazing websites for Realtors or Brokers and the next thing you know they will be coming to you by referral.  Be smart about the industry niche you choose.  My example for Real Estate was on purpose because not only are there hundreds of thousands of Realtors in my county, but your pay scale for Real Estate sites is significantly higher than it would be for a small business.  So think about you niche wisely, do your research and get to work (from literally anywhere)!

7.  SEO Professional

If you know anything about websites, you know that Search Engine Optimization is necessary for all online businesses.  In 2014 we reached a milestone of over 1 billion websites online.  And of course everyone wants to pop up on the first page of search engines.  SEO is a very competitive business.  You can learn all you need to know through Google Videos on YouTube and books.  Once you learn how to do it and become good at it, you can make an incredible amount of money.  In some industries, their SEO monthly budget is well over $10,000.  If you have a handful of good clients like that you could easily earn 6 figures your first year in business.  But keep in mind, you need to study and you need to follow the algorithms.  It’s not easy money unless you learn everything and are good at it.  This is the way of the future…ranking.

Seasoned SEO people are hard to come by and are paid very well for their services.  This is also something you can do abroad.  I have had some clients for over 10 years that I have never met in person.  Sounds shocking, but in this day and age there is no need for us to meet in person.  I just do my work for them wherever I happen to be and they reap the benefits!

8.  Content Copywriter / Editor

Are your writing skills strong?  Do you enjoy writing?  There is a lot of work out there for writers and it’s great because you can do it from your laptop anywhere.  SEO professionals are always looking for good content writers because one of the most important pieces of SEO is rich content.  The search engines love rich content.  Websites can no longer copy from other websites without getting in trouble or being docked on the search engines.  The sites that have solid unique content do the best.  There are also opportunities to help authors edit their books or web developers edit their website content.  Marketing companies also need writers for brochures, catalogs and promotional materials.  Get in with a few good companies and they could keep you busy all year long.  This is not the easiest way to become a millionaire, but it will afford you a life of freedom.

Start out by looking for several marketing companies.  Send them your resume and let them know you are a reliable source for copy.  Open a PayPal account so you can be paid easily and directly and then create your own schedule.  It’s that easy!

9.  Virtual Assistant

This is really a wide topic and rates can range from $15 an hour to $100+ depending on your skills.  First you must figure out what you are good at and how you can help people and businesses from your home computer.  The downfall to this type of stay at home business is that you may have to set your hours to match the types of businesses you service.  You lose a little flexibility, but you still get to work from home and that can be great for many people.

You are going to need a website that showcases all the services you offer.  You will probably have to hustle a bit in the beginning, by using social media to get the word out and through some email campaigns to local and world wide businesses.  But once you have a handful of clients, you will be on your way to keeping a steady income by working from home.  The services you can offer range from tutoring, desktop publishing, video and photo editing to social media management, transcription and data entry.  Go with your strong skills and always turn your work in on time.  Eventually you will be getting tons of referrals because you are reliable and get the job done!

10.  Blogger

Blogging can be a fun way to make good money.  Since blogging is my specialty I have plenty of articles on this site about blogging, this one is a good place to start your research: Create Your Own WordPress Blog.  The low down on this business is that you need to love to write.  Choose a topic you enjoy or that you know a lot about.  Learn how to create and work with a WordPress blog.  Go to YouTube and learn some search engine optimization basics as well so you can optimize your posts to get the most views.  There is quite a bit involved with running your own blog, such as photography, Photoshop, SEO, email marketing, affiliate marketing and social media.  But when done correctly it can bring in a very rewarding income.

Blogging also allows you to create your own work schedule and you can work from anywhere.  Just like all the other real stay at home businesses, choose a Blog topic that you are passionate about.  You will spend most of your time writing about that topic, so it is important that you enjoy it.  Look into affiliate programs and make sure to leave plenty of advertising space.

So how did you like those 10 real stay at home businesses?  I could literally go on and on with new business ideas to work from home or give you even more detailed information on the topics above, but this post was meant to give you some basic ideas so that you can start planning your transition away from the daily grind and into a real stay at home business of your own.

I hope my 10 Real Stay at Home Businesses lit a fire under you to get started making the life you deserve to live!



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