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13 Ways to Make Quick Holiday Money

13 Ways to Make Quick Holiday Money

The holidays are coming, so here are 13 ways to make quick holiday money!  I’d also like to mention that these are ways that you can make money without applying somewhere for a job.  You can also keep these in mind when money is short and you need to make some cash quickly!

13.  Become a Shopper

Instacart is an easy way to earn money shopping and delivering groceries.  You can work your own schedule and if you like to shop this could be the easy gig for you.  It only takes 5 minutes to apply.  You don’t even need a car.  You can just be a shopper and cashier.  But if you have a car and don’t mind delivering as well, then you can get unlimited work hours.

I’m going to be honest, with my busy schedule, I use InstaCart to deliver my groceries once a week.  It just makes my life easier.  I always tip my shopper well because it is saving me a ton of time and effort.

12.  Sell Your Gold and Silver

Maybe you have some gold and silver laying around that you don’t wear or want anymore.  The first thing you need to do is find out what is the current value in the market.  Check out  You can check out Silver prices at APMEX.  Next you can call around to local jewelry shops to see if they buy Gold or Silver.  Make sure to ask what their rate is, so you can shop around and get the most for your jewelry.  It is important to be realistic though, most likely you will get between 70-80 percent of the real value of your items.

11.  Tutor or Give Music Lessons

If you have some music talents or could offer your educational knowledge, this is a great way to make money from home.  I’ve even seen music teachers teach online through Skype.  Create a flyer and pass it around at the local schools and colleges.  Craigslist is a great way to advertise as well!

10.  Give Blood

You can make $20- $50 per donation depending on your blood type.  You can also donate your plasma.  If you are Type AB, you are an ideal candidate!  Plasma donations can earn anywhere from $10-$60 per donation.  Also, as a rule, Rh-negative blood is much rarer than Rh-positive, so Rh-negative donors make more money.  You could make a couple hundred bucks a month just by donating blood!  To see where you can donate go to BioLife Plasma Services.



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13 ways to make quick holiday money9. Do gigs on Craigslist

Craigslist has a GIG section for all areas and anyone who needs help posts there.  You can find some of these types of gigs listed:

Computer RelatedFixing hardware, software, web design, graphic design

CreativeWeb design, graphic design, modeling, social media work, telemarketing, personal assistants, photographers, entertainers

CrewLandscaping, security, drivers, bartenders, models, budtenders, entertainers, carpenters, theater crews, installers, photographers

DomesticBaby sitting, landscaping, housekeeping, cooking, care givers, carpet cleaning, surrogates, pool cleaners

EventSecurity, servers, cooks, companions, merchandisers, models, party help, sales staff, gofers, DJ’s, entertainers

LaborInstallers, landscapers, construction workers, mechanics, warehouse employees, roofers, sales, electricians, plumbing, builders, truck drivers

TalentChefs, models, actors, performers, singers, dancers, assistants

WritingOffice assistants, personal assistants, blogger, transcribers, co-writers, translators

8.  Deliver for Amazon

Amazon Flex offers anyone with a car and a smart phone the ability to be their own boss.  You set your own schedule and when you work you can make anywhere from $18-$25 an hour.  As a driver, you pick up your packages at the Amazon distribution center and deliver them directly to people’s homes.  The more you deliver, the more you make.  Around the holidays, delivery is in high demand, so it’s the time to cash in on making deliveries.  To sign up go to Amazon Flex.

7.  Sell Your Books on Amazon

Well actually you can trade in books, cell phones, tablets, laptops, Kindle, smart watches, calculators, cameras, video games and game consoles.  You can trade all of these things in for an Amazon gift card.  Just go to the Amazon Trade-In page for more info.  If you just want to sell your books, create an Amazon account and then sign up for an Amazon seller account.  Then set up your books to sell.  For a video on how to do this go to the Amazon How to Sell page.

6.  Rent Out a Room or Guest Cottage on Airbnb

Airbnb has changed the way people travel.  We no longer have to stay in typical hotel rooms and pay high prices.  If you have extra room in your home or happen to have a guest house, this is a great way to make some money.  First you need to make sure the room is guest ready.  Make the room or guest house comfortable, clean and with the amenities you would expect if you were visiting.  Check out what others are offering in your area, that way you can figure out how much to charge.

5.  Sell Your Photos to Stock Photography

If your hobby is photography, this may be the thing for you!  Sell your photos to stock photography sites.  Here are a list of sites that will buy your photos:

Each company has it’s own guidelines, so check out there sites to learn exactly how to upload your images for sale.

4.  Sell Your Old Stuff

There are lots of ways to go about this: Craigslist, Yard Sales and Flea Market.  You can spring clean any time of year and gather up all the things you no longer need or love anymore.  Take pictures of your stuff and post it to Craigslist for free and make money the same day.  Or plan a yard sale or go to the Flea Market on the weekend to sell your stuff.  Over the years everyone has gathered so many things we no longer need or use, so why keep the clutter when it can be money in your pocket?

3.  Be in a Paid Audience

If you live in or around Los Angeles or next to any studios, you could sign up to be a paid audience member.  I have personally done this through On Set Productions.  Sign up with their email newsletter and receive weekly invites to be in a paid audience.  I received one today to go watch Movie Night with Karlie Kloss and it pays $60.  So you get a good night out, see a few stars and make some money!

2.  Sell Your Stuff on Ebay

This is one of my tops ways to make extra cash because it is easy and quick paying.  List your quality items, albums, trinkets, clothing, almost anything you have and then link it to your PayPal account and you can bring in thousands in one day if you have the right things for sale.  Just be sure to ship things timely so you always keep a good eBay rating.  I’ve found that if you offer FREE SHIPPING on your items, you will sell things faster.

I’ve heard of some people who shop yard sales on the weekends and buy things at the lowest price and then resell them on Ebay for way more.

1. Become an Uber or Lyft Driver

You know sometimes you are just in a pinch and you need to pay a bill or have cash for something coming quickly.  If you have a newer car, a clean driving record and a smart phone you are on your way to making money immediately.  You will need to make an appointment with Uber or Lyft to have your car inspected.  It takes about 15 minutes.  Then they give you your stickers and show you the rules to follow and setup how to get paid and you are off to making money.  They pay immediately directly to your checking account or debit card.  So if you go out and do a few rides and want to get paid, you can.  Or you can save your rides all week and get paid once a week.  From my experience you can make anywhere from $10 – $40 an hour depending on the zones you are working in.  Definitely airport rides pay the best.  I have a friend who just wants to supplement his income, so he drives on Friday and Saturday nights for about 3-4 hours and he brings in an extra $600 a month.

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13 Ways to Make Quick Holiday Money



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    October 13, 2017 at 1:35 pm

    Awesome ideas and we can all use extra money for the holidays!

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      Elisa Stella
      October 13, 2017 at 2:19 pm

      Thanks Trisha!

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    Berthahan Luxing
    October 13, 2017 at 3:37 pm

    These are some great ideas… and not just for the holidays! Never heard of Lyft though, will have to google them.

    • Reply
      Elisa Stella
      October 13, 2017 at 3:40 pm

      Thanks Berthahan! Lyft is just like Uber but may not be as widespread yet as Uber is. They are a good company to work for though.

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    November 2, 2017 at 7:46 pm

    These are some great ideas to earn extra cash! Thank you for sharing!

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