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Get Out….of the cubicle!

Has anyone ever told you that you can do what ever you want in life?  How did you end up in that cubicle?  Or maybe it’s behind a cash register or maybe even flipping burgers.  How did this happen?  It’s actually quite easy.  Get out of the cubicle!

Most of us are like zombies or sheep, which ever you prefer.  We start off with the basic need for money to feed ourselves, clothe ourselves and stay out of the rain and snow.  We get into the trap of living pay check to pay check and we are not happy with that, but our basic needs are being met so we are somewhat comfortable.  In the long run we are miserable.  We then live for that promotion or tiny raise.  We get involved in the workplace gossip and discuss who’s being let go of next.  We absolutely hate MONDAYS and that last 30 minutes of work is the longest part of the day.  This type of work is sucking the life out of us.

Not everyone feels this way though.  I have seen plenty of people who enjoy the day to day grind.  It seems weird to me, but we are all wired differently.  Those people definitely will not find my blog, because they aren’t looking for it.  This kind of freedom does not speak to their soul.  But how about you?  Something struck you enough to make you want to read this.  It’s because you want OUT.

Did you ever wonder why some people have the best lives?  The biggest lesson you should take away from this blog post is that times have changed.  Teenagers are making millions on YouTube, stay-at-home mom’s are selling products online and making a living, regular every day people are writing novels and self publishing them on Amazon and I even know some senior citizens who sell safety kits online and they make more now in retirement, then they did at their teaching jobs in their youth.  As cliche as it sounds, the possibilities are endless.

So what is it going to take to get you out of that cubicle?  DESIRE.  Not just desire, but without desire it won’t happen.  First you need to discover yourself.  The life has been sucked out of you already, so it’s time to figure things out.  The world is open to you, what is it that you like to think about and do all the time?  Let’s say you love to surf, but you rarely get the chance to.  If surfing is your passion, then you could do a lot with that idea.  Own a surf shop….sell surfing gear online…teach surfing to travelers or children…design and manufacture the coolest surf boards ever…write a blog about where to find the best waves and market surf brands on it…travel the world surfing and create YouTube videos about it or write books about it and self publish.  The point is, GO SURF.  When you love what you do, you will give it more than 100%.  You will make yourself the expert about it.  You will be surrounded by like minded people.  Trust me, there are ways to make money from EVERYTHING.  Go ahead cubicle boy, become a SURF GOD!

There are many more steps to ditching the cubicle.  But quite honestly most of you don’t even know what you like or would like to do every day.  So you can read more about the next steps in my other blogs, but I will leave you with this message…Be Alive In Your Life.



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