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Gift Giving Guide: Your Vegan Health Fanatic Friend


If you are not a Vegan yourself, this can be one of the most difficult people to buy for.  You can’t get them products that have been tested on animals or include anything from an animal.  You would be surprised how many products out there Vegan’s will not buy.  So I’m here to help you give the best gift possible to someone who chooses to live their life harm-free to animals.

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#1. Banana Slicer

Doesn’t hurt to make banana slicing easier!

#2. Soylent Cafe Chai Vegan Meal Replacement

It’s a great meal replacement and Vegans love it!

#3. Sans’ Travel Bottle

This bottle uses a vacuum pump to create an airtight seal to preserve juices for hours or days.  Perfect for the Vegan on the go.

#4. Blender Ball Whiskware

Whisk mixes and emulsifies salad dressings to make them super creamy.

#5. The Perfect Watermelon Slicer

Ergonomic design and kid friendly.  Perfect watermelon slices every time!

#6. Chopping Finger Guard

Vegans do a lot of chopping fruits and vegetables.  This is a simple but great gift to protect their fingers.

#7. This Might be Wine Travel Mug

Stainless steel travel much that is insulated and holds up to 16 oz.  It also has a spill resistant lid.

#8. Par Avion Artisan Tea

Morning Americano loose leaf tea comes in this beautiful tin.  Great way to greet the day!

#9. Veggie Keeper Fresh Pod

The best fruit and vegetable storage keeper.  Guards your food from bacteria exposure to keep it fresh longer.

#10. Simply Mint Gum

100% Natural and made in the USA, Non GMO, vegan gum.


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Gift Giving Guide: Your Vegan Health Fanatic Friend was created to make your life just a little easier when shopping for a Vegan.

I hope this has helped you in some way.  If you like this article, please be sure to share it with a friend.



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