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How Realistic is it to Make Money Blogging?

How realistic is it to make money blogging?

If you haven’t realized yet, my blog is all about empowering you to make money online.  As a web developer for 20+ years I have seen people create the lives they want through online businesses.  Like most of you, I started out with a regular job.  First I worked a government job and then moved on to a corporate job.  I commuted to Los Angeles for a decade, driving 3 hours a day.  This kind of lifestyle is the ultimate description of “the Rat Race”.  But this is all I knew.  At the time, the internet was new.  I was receiving AOL disks in the mail weekly.  Remember those days?  Well if you are a millennial, you don’t, but it was the dawn of a new day for everyone.

As I learned how to create web pages, I started what is now called a side hustle.  While working my day job, I made simple websites for businesses.  It quickly grew into a business.  I had almost no competition in my area, this was back in 1996.  I then made the hard decision to quit my job and I never looked back.  I started helping people make their dreams come true.  I will be the first to tell you, this kind of work and lifestyle is not for everyone.  There is a lot of risk you take, especially if it isn’t well planned out.  If you are considering working for yourself, you should read my blog post: Quitting your job to become an entrepreneur. You can’t just jump in without planning, especially if you have any responsibilities.

How realistic is it to make money blogging?

I can confidently tell you yes, but with a warning.  Not everyone makes money blogging.  It’s not that they can’t make money, it’s that they don’t go about it the right way and they don’t treat it like a business.  You have to love to write to be a blogger and then you must learn to market yourself.  Most bloggers make money from affiliate programs and selling something they know well like a Course.  If you look at the top bloggers, they are marketing savvy individuals.  This is their business and they make it happen.  Just like with most businesses, there is a lot of up front work to be done.  If you think designing and building your blog was a lot of work, you have another thing coming.  The initial work that needs to be done to gain momentum and traffic needs to be acknowledged.

So yes, if you are up for the adventure and the hard work it takes to make a blog profitable, you can make money blogging.


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How realistic is it to make money bloggingWhat are my other options?

You should always explore many options when it comes to having an online business.  There are unlimited amount of things you can do online to make money.  First you need to think about what skills you have.  If you have any technical skills at all you may be a good web designer or developer.  If you have worked in retail in the past, having an eCommerce shop may be the thing for you.  If you are a true writer who loves to write, then becoming a blogger or writing eBooks will come natural to you.  The point I’m making is go with the route of least resistance.  For more ideas on what you can do online check out my blog post: 10 Real Stay at Home Businesses.

Tips for making money blogging.

If you have really decided to put your all into blogging, here are things you need to think about.

  • Can I be consistent with my writing and marketing every week?
  • Am I willing to take the time to learn everything I need to know in order to write good content, build my SEO and market myself?
  • Am I willing to be aggressive with my marketing?

If you answered YES to all three questions then you are one of the few bloggers that can make it to the top.  There will always be millions of bloggers.  It’s a great hobby and a great side hustle.  But only the dedicated few who plan out their business goals and execute them will make it to bring in the big money.  This is not to scare you off, but to give you a reality check.  So if blogging seems to be out of touch for you, look into other online businesses that may fit your style better.


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How realistic is it to make money blogging?

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