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What kind of online business is right for me?

I bet I know what you are thinking…. “what kind of online business is right for me, is whatever makes me the most money”.  I wish it was that easy!  The very first step to getting away from your current job or financial situation is to find out what will work for you.

There are a lot of factors involved in this decision:

  • How much technical skill do you have?
  • What is your favorite form of communication or what are you comfortable with?
  • Do you have sales experience?
  • Do you have marketing experience?
  • Can you type?
  • How are your writing skills?
  • Do you know Photoshop?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • Have you ever worked for yourself?
  • Do you have any special skills you can market?
  • What are your financial goals?
  • Are you open to learning new things?

What kind of online business is right for me?

As you can see there is a lot to consider and everyone has a different situation.  I’m going to break down a couple of profiles for you to give you an idea of what would be good for certain types of people.

Person 1: Chatty Shopping Kathy

Overview:  Chatty Kathy has worked retail most of her life, loves to interact with people, has great customer service skills, but is limited in computer skills

The best online business for Chatty Kathy is an eCommerce store.  If Kathy has some basic WordPress skills she can create her own online shopping site, but if she doesn’t she can either invest in a designer or use a template system like Shopify or BigCommerce.  Shopify and BigCommerce offer easy to use templates and you can literally have an online store up in a couple of hours.  Kathy is best suited for eCommerce since she has retail experience and she will know how to handle her customer service issues easily.

Person 2: Cubicle Geek

Overview:  Cubicle Geek has worked in the corporate environment, stuck in a small cubicle with no windows and attends endless meetings and is the first to grab donuts in the break room.

The best online business for Cubicle Geek is an online product review site or a web development company.  Geeks know computers and are usually on the computer all day and then on the computer playing games all night.  With these sharp computer skills, Cubicle Geek should offer his services to people like Chatty Kathy.  They also make great video game reviewers and super hero forum moderators.  Geeks will love working at night and sleeping all day!

Person 3: Modern Day Surfer Attorney

Overview: Surfer Attorney has a very analytical side to him, yet loves the outdoors and would prefer to be surfing if he didn’t have to pay back all his student loans.  Surfer Attorney has great writing skills and is used to working on his own.

The best online business for Surfer Attorney is offering his services online, such as debt consolidation, bankruptcy, guiding business start ups, asset protection, debtor/creditor services, business development services, total debt strategic analysis and more.  All these services can be offered online using phone, email, fax and teleconference.  His website could be generating leads for him in the morning while he is surfing and in the afternoon he could be sitting in his swim trunks conducting business from home.

Person 4: Coffee Shop Barista

Overview: Coffee Shop Barista is working her way through college, she has great writing skills from all of those college essays and great research skills from her school projects.  She has her own laptop and can type 80 words per minute.

The best online business for Coffee Shop Barista is writing books and and publishing them online through Amazon.  Amazon makes between $265 million and $530 million a year off of e-book sales.  Coffee Shop Barista could spend time at home or in her dorm writing novels and self publishing them on Amazon.  Eventually the residual income will take care of her education and her living expenses!

I could go on for days with hundreds of different profiles and business ideas.  What it boils down to is what are you good at and what is your passion?  I’ve helped abstract artists sell their paintings worldwide, online entrepreneurs who live abroad and work abroad become financially independent, college students who sell vape products to pay for their tuition, mom’s who decided to blog to stay home with their kids and so on….

One important thing to mention is that NOT everyone can do this.  A good majority of people are too comfortable with their bi-weekly pay checks and they don’t have the personal discipline it takes to work from home or while traveling.  Just like opening any kind of business, you need a solid plan and some savings.  You also need to be in the right frame of mind to stay focused on the goal.  Do your research, think about what you enjoy doing, think about the schedule you want for yourself and then read, read and read more.  The more you learn in advance, the higher chance you have at being successful.  Make it your goal to master the business you want to create.

What kind of online business is right for me?



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